Breaking News: Alcohol Banned in Downville!

Following Saturday night’s events, Biggie has banned alcohol in Downville until further notice.
Biggie said this decision would only be reviewed when Big Brother is satisfied that Housemates are treating each other with the necessary degree of respect.
Biggie dropped the bomb to the Housemates on midday charging them for showing not only a serious disregard for Big Brother’s rules but also failing to show respect for themselves and one another.

Biggie highlighted a few sensitive areas that needed immediate attention; Housemates must all moderate their language, Housemates may not provoke, taunt or bully each other, Housemates must moderate intake of alcohol.
In conclusion, Biggie said all Housemates are expected to talk to each other in a respectful way and comply with all the rules in the Downville Rule Book.
Biggie also ordered the Housemates to apologize genuinely to each other for their rude and offensive behavior.
Throughout Biggie’s announcement, some Housemates looked scared at Biggie’s tone while others thought it was a laughing matter. This angered Biggie even more resulting in the alcohol ban.


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