What are your Expected Couples In The House?

Its the 19th day of the Big Brother game and so far we have seen a few couples.Firstly it was Liberia’s  Luke and Jessica who showed their desire to have  something they had missed for a few weeks.We now know that Luke is out …….whom do you expect Jessica to go for?  Will  she wait for the end of the game and go find her love?
Prezzo  and Goldie is another party to watch  but I think it would be so wise for Goldie to watch  her man because we heard Zainab mentioning her interest in him.Should we say that the couple is yet to find some hardships as Prezzo will find it hard to ignore Zainab when she approaches him about the matter?

In Downville, its Seydou  and  Talia to be pointed  out so far and I really believe that these two, will make it to their destiny   because they look more serious than any one else……….Don’t you think so??
All those pairs mentioned above are already existing……but who do you expect to hook up with who in both Downville and Upville? I  believe that we are yet to see another pair in the game.
Do you  sometimes see any Housemate giving a special eye or special care to another??


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