NEWS: Its not yet over….Roki & Maneta again!!

Those who thought  that   the battle between the duo  Zimbabweans is almost over……its not. This was revealed a couple of hours back when the two exchanged  bitter words. Maneta  told her fellow gossip girl that Roki is “a boy hiding in a man’s body”! Roki went ahead and pinned Maneta of not saying good things about them(Zimbabweans) and he also added that she has a big mouth. Maneta went on and insulted Roki that he’s only 27   sok he needs to grow up.

When accused by Roki to be spoilt, Maneta answered that her parents died when she was still young and wondered how she  could be! She also told him to get over himself and everyone wonders what she meant by this.
Someone can ask why Maneta never voted Roki for eviction as we all know that she hates him. However, she said that the truth is that she hates him but because she loves her country, that’s why she had to spare Roki . ” I am very patriotic and am supporting my country” Maneta added.


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