News: I Love Eve……Says Kyle

Today’s Diary Room session has been so interesting as it was so different from the past ones. Today Biggie was too moody, Happy and inquisitive.Unlike before,today Biggie was greeting the Housemates in a special way with words like “Watsup ma men?” ….which made the Housemates feel moody too.
Biggie used this Technic in both Houses and with Inquisition in his moods, he tried to reveal so many things the Housemates were keeping.
He asked a Ugandan boy the girl he thinks he can go for and Kyle said “I love Eve..but I just feel that the time is not yet right”. However, Biggie warned him that sometimes when its its the right time it seems to be too late.

Keita and Mildred too, entered and they were happy. As soon as they were down in the chair,Keita put a protective hand over her lover. Biggie asked them the reason why they were happy and they told him that their relationship had moved on well this week.
Lets hope that one day the Ugandan boy will let out the secret to Eve.


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