Big Brother StarGame Updates

Africa’s biggest reality show Big Brother Africa StarGame has been airing on Channel 198 for 20 days now out of the usual 91 days and below we take you through the major highlights of the show,
Evicted Housemates – Biggie was serious this time that before for the housemates could even explore the house and enjoy the freebies, four were up for eviction. Tanzania and Zimbabwe’s housemates were lined up for screening and in the end it was Maneta who survived. She was upgraded to the Upville house as Julio,….. (Tanzania) and Dalphin from Zimbabwe became the first victims to leave the house.

Ola (Nigeria) suffered from Hypertension and felt that he could not continue with the game so he opted out voluntarily. Now that they were in the Upville house where they play the game in pairs, Chris had to go with him. Nigeria still has one representative Goldie in the Upville house.
Up for Eviction – This week, the eviction fever shifted to the Upville house bringing to an end the honeymoon they had enjoyed right from the start of the show. The common denominator in the nominations was Zambia’s Mampi with 6 followed by DKB and Maneta who had 3 each. Ghana’s DKB survived now that he is the head of house by replacing himself with Lady May from Namibia.
Sex In the House – Namibia’s Jessica and Liberia’s Luke broke the ice in the Big Brother StarGame by being the first couple to have sex in Biggie’s house this season. They did it the way Uganda’s Ernest and Tanzania’s Bhoke did. The night before eviction, Ernest and Bhoke rocked the sheets and this is exactly that happened to Jessica and Luke. Its not clear if Jessica is going to get another Stargame boy after Luke was evicted last Sunday.
Zainab Goes Bald – She was raped twice at a tender age during the war in Sierra Leone and became pregnant though the child died a year later. Her biggest problem now is that she is missing sex badly just after three weeks in the house as narrated to Biggie. The model based in Instabul shocked her fans when she cut off all her hair in an era when women embrace weaves for various reasons.
Stargame Couples – (Mildred and Keitta), (Seydou and Talia), Upcoming (Kyle and Eve) and the best couple so far Prezzo and Goldie who had a fight but made up with a massage to crown it all. Prezzo made Goldie face the camera and told her; “Baby say hi to your in-laws, make sure you make it for our wedding in Africa”
The Fights – Lady May Vs DKB, Rocki Vs Maneta, Mampi Vs Goldie and Prezzo Vs Goldie.
On a Sad Note – IK lost his mom last Friday, he thanks all those who sent him condolence messages.


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