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News: Talia Cries Over Seydou’s Exit!

Finally its game over for the Angolan Pair. Following the misunderstandings and divisions  between the two, Esperanca this week told Biggie that she wants to quit the game.It followed the fact that Esperanca’s partner Seydou was not cooperative and was playing the game as an individual.
The pair was given some time to settle their matters and come up with a common decision but to no avail.This afternoon when the two were called up in the diary room and asked  what their decision was, Esperanca was still by her word and confirmed that she wants to go home.Biggie was left with no option apart from  telling the two  to go prepare and pack their bags.

Breaking News: Angola Exits StarGame!

The bomb has finally fallen on the fans of Angolan Big Brother Africa reps, Seydou and Esperanca as the pair revealed in their Diary Room Session just a few moments ago that they are exiting the game contrary to their plan of quitting on Sunday!
Biggie asked them how their day had been and Esperanca said that it was horrible, she went on to say that she was so stressed and depressed and therefore wanted to leave this afternoon, she added that she was not willing to put her life in danger.

News: I Love Eve……Says Kyle

Today’s Diary Room session has been so interesting as it was so different from the past ones. Today Biggie was too moody, Happy and inquisitive.Unlike before,today Biggie was greeting the Housemates in a special way with words like “Watsup ma men?” ….which made the Housemates feel moody too.
Biggie used this Technic in both Houses and with Inquisition in his moods, he tried to reveal so many things the Housemates were keeping.

News: Lady May Runs Crazy!

It was fun today and the Diary room today was filled with entertainment during Lady May‘s Diary Room session. Putting on a top with a label “MAMPI” ,the free style and neutral Namibian asked Biggie  a favor which Biggie agreed to offer.
A smiling Lady May started…….” You  know Biggie, ever since  I entered this room, I want to put my legs up and the head down to know how it feels” The favor was a bit crazy but Biggie just told her that…”Remember its in the Diary room that a

News: Goldie Puts Blame On Communication

Putting into consideration of what is happenning in the Goldezzo relationship, Goldie  stressed that communication is important in all relationships.
During her conversation with Barbz in the garden, Goldie said that though things had turned out the way they had between her and Prezzo, she blamed it on communication and that Prezzo was partly to blame.
It was evident to all that what the Nigerian singer and Kenyan rapper had, was more than just friendship though Prezzo dropped the “we’re just friends” bomb at her.

News:Will Zainab Remain Swaggerific ???

A few days ago, Biggie asked the Housemate in both houses that is….Downvile and Upville to vote for thr Housmates who had most swag.Afterwards, votes were counted and Zainab took the lead.This means that its a challenge to her because it is always said that….”It is easy to become number one but it is always hard to stay number one”
However it was not a single race……that it was only Zainab voted, Seydou,Barbz, Keita and Eve too were in the race but its Zainab who was on the top.
Today we are to have a weekend party and sooner or later its to start. The people to watch are Zainab,Goldie, Seydou,Barbz,Keitta ,Eve and a few others who are believed to have been ranked according to their swag.
Will Zainab maintain her SWAG?????

News: Esperanca Worrried, mourning more than the owner of the corpse!

After the live eviction show which ended with Upville’s Mampi leaving the game, random nominations were held to find out who the next eviction victims. Ghana and Botswana’s pairs, Keitta and Mildred and Eve and Edith were the selected Housemates for next week’s possible eviction.
After a very short period of time, Biggie’s cameras took us to Downville and what we found there was quite shocking as Esperanca was sheding tears. At first it was hard to figure out why she was crying, but she revealed that she was worried how she could live life in Downville without Edith and Eve, her close friends.

News:DKB And Roki Punished.

Season seven’s Big Brother participants seem to be the most Big Headed ones compared to all the past seasons we have ever watched. This is because they are fond of breaking Big Brother’s Rules nomatter how many times they are briefed through and emphasised.
Roki and DKB‘s insolence has cost the Housemates a big loss of the weekly Upville Shopping budget.
Monday this week, it was the first ever Nominations for the Upvillres since StarGame began. One of the major rules during Nominations is that no one is allowed to reveal the names of the people they have put up for possible Eviction to the fellow Housemates.

Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Are Up For Possible Eviction Plus Mampi Says Goodbye Big Brother Stargame!

Last week, three Upville housemates Mampi, Lady May and Maneta were were put up for eviction and Sunday evening’s live show on Big Brother Stargame saw Mampi leaving the House. The Zambian star had the least votes and is the first Upville Housemate to go. Lady May won 13 country votes, Maneta 1 and Mampi 1.
While the girls were getting ready half an hour before the show, Mampi said to Maneta, Prezzo and Barbz that she’s “very happy to be there but her heart is not.” Maneta then said that Mampi misses home. Do you think she’s happy and relieved to be going? The girls then put their bags downstairs, they could hear the crowd cheering next door, which made them, including us, nervous.

Breaking News:Game Over For Mampi !!!!!

Its the 21st day in the Big Brother game and today its the live eviction show. So many of you have been waiting for this day for a full week and now  you have to wait no more because the game for some of the Housemates you want to be out is right NOW……………and…..
We are coming to the real week’s show just keep tuned here .DKB officially had to announce the person he replaced for hiself and when he said Lady May, she just surprised us when she said that she knew it.
Surprisingly May was  safe from eviction……… Guess what happened at that moment …..

News: Roki In Maneta’s Bed!

What seemed to be one of the impossibilities in the  Big Brother House became possible! No one for whatever reason has ever thought of Roki and Maneta to have a soft talk especially after when Roki nominated Maneta for eviction and  moreover in Maneta’s Bed! The two Zimbabweans were shockingly seen together in the same bed talking about their matters in a Zimbabwe way.
This sounds  weird but the truth is that it happened. They had a nice talk and a few moments later Roki wanted to start kissing Maneta but she refused.Was Roki’s intetion making love to Maneta? or Conveying his apology to her?

News: Edith Needs Sex and Cigarettes!

One of Botswana’s Big Brother rep Edith, seems to be lacking some of her ‘basic needs. ‘ Recently she was heard saying that she is Sex Starve.
Besides Sex, Edith is ever complaining to Biggie for not giving her cigarettes. Edith looks so serious and sounded bitter about the issue and if not put into consideration she will have to do something. Edith was spitting out fire while saying that she was lacking cigarettes yet smoking is her favorite. She added that her body was used to relaxing with cigarettes.

What are your Expected Couples In The House?

Its the 19th day of the Big Brother game and so far we have seen a few couples.Firstly it was Liberia’s  Luke and Jessica who showed their desire to have  something they had missed for a few weeks.We now know that Luke is out …….whom do you expect Jessica to go for?  Will  she wait for the end of the game and go find her love?
Prezzo  and Goldie is another party to watch  but I think it would be so wise for Goldie to watch  her man because we heard Zainab mentioning her interest in him.Should we say that the couple is yet to find some hardships as Prezzo will find it hard to ignore Zainab when she approaches him about the matter?

News:Will Roki And Maneta Connect After Eviction??

Things happening in the Big Brother game are very hard to understand and predict how they will end.I believe all of you can agree with me because you saw how things turned up between Roki and Maneta. These two hard a very big gap between them despite the fact that they come from the same country.
Yesterday things between the two Zimbabweans changed as the gap between them reduced to Zero distance when in bed and they were almost kissing. This means that they are now in good terms but am not so convinced whether Maneta is now in the line Roki wanted her to be.Let’s assume that they will never be apart nomatter what happens between them. But do you think that they will still connect even after Maneta’s eviction?

Big Brother StarGame Updates

Africa’s biggest reality show Big Brother Africa StarGame has been airing on Channel 198 for 20 days now out of the usual 91 days and below we take you through the major highlights of the show,
Evicted Housemates – Biggie was serious this time that before for the housemates could even explore the house and enjoy the freebies, four were up for eviction. Tanzania and Zimbabwe’s housemates were lined up for screening and in the end it was Maneta who survived. She was upgraded to the Upville house as Julio,….. (Tanzania) and Dalphin from Zimbabwe became the first victims to leave the house.

Zainab, Maneta, Mampi & Barbz Talk About Their Painful Pasts

The Upville girls engaged in serious conversation while sitting outside in the garden. Zainab, Maneta, Mampi and Barbz spoke about female issues and personal problems. The four were discussing pregnancy, c-sections, natural births, pain, morning sickness and murder. While Barbz, Maneta and Mampi don’t have children, Zainab told them about a chapter in her life.
Zainab told the girls that she was pregnant but lost the baby. The birth was excruciating and she was still in pain a few days later. She said that she and the baby were sick and that she couldn’t even walk.

NEWS: Its not yet over….Roki & Maneta again!!

Those who thought  that   the battle between the duo  Zimbabweans is almost over……its not. This was revealed a couple of hours back when the two exchanged  bitter words. Maneta  told her fellow gossip girl that Roki is “a boy hiding in a man’s body”! Roki went ahead and pinned Maneta of not saying good things about them(Zimbabweans) and he also added that she has a big mouth. Maneta went on and insulted Roki that he’s only 27   sok he needs to grow up.

Shock-Roki puts Maneta up for eviction

SINGER Roki has shocked TV viewers by nominating compatriot Maneta for eviction from the Big Brother Africa show.
Maneta survived eviction from the M-Net show in the first week after Africa voted to save her, but her sister Teclar was given the boot.
After her escape, the 21-year-old was put in the Upville house with seven celebrity housemates – Nigerian singer Goldie; Kenyan rapper Prezzo; South African model Barbz; Zambian singer Mampi; Lady May from Namibia, DKB from Ghana and Zimbabwe’s Roki, who was born Rockford Josphat.

News: Zainab Raped

Newest member in the Upville House Zainab has already settled in and could easily be seen already feeling at home in her new House, well, during one of her conversations with one of the Upville boys DKB, she told him how she got raped during the war in Sierra Leone.
The outspoken model, narrated that during the war, one of the fighters she hardly remembers picked her from her house and raped her, leaving her in alot of pain and bleeding all over. She adds that she could not even walk.

Upville Nominations!

Big Brother added more twists to the game by turning the nominations to upville housemates. This is more likely to mark the end to relaxation in this house.
This was announced during the live eviction show where three Downville housemates Luke, Daphin and Yadel got booted out of the stargame. This breaking news didn’t go well on the side of the upville VIPs who have been living in total joy since they joined the game.

Zainab Finally joins Upville, Luke,Yadel & Dalphin Evicted

Luke, Yadel and Dalphin were Evicted while Zainab was upgraded to upville after surviving possible eviction this evening.
Like its normally done in this reality show, all the four nominees were first interviewed  on how they experienced life in downville within the past two weeks including the relationships they had among themselves.
During her interview, Zainab clearly stated that she doesn’t have any big misunderstandings with Seydou only that they don’t get along well. This is the main reason  she wanted to go home.

Luke and Jesica inseparable

Their relationship seems to be headed for greater heights, Luke and his lady, Jesica are getting closer every day.
As they sat on the bed, these two got close and started whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears, Luke went ahead to tell Jesica that he would love to wake up every morning with her by his side.
They do not even care about what other Housemates may think as they cuddle all the time, however, Talia who seems to have a ‘thing’ with Seydou has started complaining of boredom and she can’t wait for it to end.

Big Brother Africa StarGame: DKB is Head of House

Ghanaian housemate in the on-going Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show, Derick Kobina Bonney aka DKB has been named Upville Head of House for next week after the winning the Head of House task Friday.
The Ghanaian who was involved in a near physical fight with Kenyan housemate Prezzo Wednesday, is winning the Head of House at a time he was serving punishment from Big Brother.
Since the inception of the show 12 days ago, there has been a power struggle in the house with serious cracks evolving between housemates.

News: “I Don’t Flirt”

While Prezzo and Goldie chatted and giggled on the couch, Prezzo told her that he is not the type of guy to flirt. “I don’t flirt around with girls, my chances of being with a woman are nil.”
Uhm, Prezzo, aren’t you fliting with Goldie? While we’re not too sure if he has a wife or not, he sure acts like he doesn’t. “I want to make my mom and daughter proud,” he said. There was no mention of a wife, and even Goldie referred to her as “your girl.”

News:Was the hug genuine?

While Ola and Chris announced their departure to their fellow Housemates, Ola requested one thing- for Zainab and Seydou to kiss and make up. As he didn’t want to leave the house before he saw peace being made, Ola called the two to get up and make up. While they were of course hesitatnt at first, the troublesome two finally got up and hugged. However, do you think the hug was genuine? Do they really want to put everythung behind them and move on, or did they only do it because Ola said so? Let’s see if Zainab and Seydou can keep the peace for the sake of their ex Housemate. What do you think? Ola, the peace-maker

BBA: Mixed feelings over Maneta

One of Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother Stargame competition, Maneta Mazanhi is alert, very sweet, outspoken, but what is she really on about? She had better ease up already! That is the general feeling in the Upville house following Maneta’s grand entrance during the first live eviction show held on Sunday evening.
Prezzo (Kenya) told Big Brother during his diary session that Maneta’s presence had brought Barbz (South Africa) back down to earth. When Maneta entered the Upville house, Barbz gave her a plastic smile and seemed intimidated by her.

News: Down and Dirty

It looks like the only official couple in Downville has finally decided to act like it. Keitta and Mildred were entertaining each other for the first time in public. Mildred kept talking about bedroom moments and how she hasn’t “gotten any” in a long time. She was all over her boyfriend and he didn’t seem to mind, as he too was willing to entertain their needs. They then jumped into bed while a few of the Housemates watched in jealousy. The couple finally got some privacy as the peeping Toms went down to play a game of ‘spin the bottle’ with the others. Looks like Mildred and Keitta aren’t the only ones that require intimate services. Leave us alone, we’re busy

News: Prezzo the Player?

Prezzo and Goldie seemed very cozy dancing in the garden together. Prezzo has been very ‘friendly’ towards her and enjoys teaching the singer some dance moves. Smiling and giggling, the pair looked like they were flirting with each other. Rehearsing over and over again, the two didn’t get frustrated with each other.
We already know that Prezzo possibly has the hots for Goldie, and he is not shy showing it. One thing that he is also not shy talking about is his wife and child. So, Prezzo, which woman is it going to be?

One Two, Three.

News: Acting for the Cameras

In a very catchy rap entitled “Acting for the Cameras,” Prezzo said that the Upville Housemates are not being real and only “acting for the cameras.”
“People think the show is about drama, but it’s not. It’s about how well you can get along with people. At the end of the day we have careers to respect and protect. At the end of the day we are the ones making fools of ourselves, but we are doing it for the cameras.” He then said that Africa is stupid and that people like watching interesting things and that’s why the Housemates have to act.

News: “I’m Not After Girls”