Shock-Roki puts Maneta up for eviction

SINGER Roki has shocked TV viewers by nominating compatriot Maneta for eviction from the Big Brother Africa show.
Maneta survived eviction from the M-Net show in the first week after Africa voted to save her, but her sister Teclar was given the boot.
After her escape, the 21-year-old was put in the Upville house with seven celebrity housemates – Nigerian singer Goldie; Kenyan rapper Prezzo; South African model Barbz; Zambian singer Mampi; Lady May from Namibia, DKB from Ghana and Zimbabwe’s Roki, who was born Rockford Josphat.

But Roki and Maneta have failed to connect after she turned down his romantic overtures.
Now it is more than just about their early encounter – Roki finds his compatriot CHILDISH and afflicted by what he calls “STUCKUPNESS”.
Roki – who has been showing his knitting skills by making accessories for fellow housemates – told his mate, Prezzo, of a recent discussion he had with Maneta, who works as an accountant with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).
“Maneta came round just to say ‘you’ve made a crown for the Nigerian girl, you’ve made a crown for the South African girl and you’ve even made a crown for I can’t remember who else, but you haven’t made a crown for me. How is that shit gonna seem with people back home?’,” Roki recalls Maneta roasting him.
The singer said he “did little apologies so we could have some peace”, adding: “But it doesn’t stop the levels of stuckupness.”
Prezzo appeared surprised by Maneta’s behaviour, and joked: “You’ve even made a crown for the Masai!”
Roki – who did not pick up a single nomination on Monday – said “forces that be” had told him to “chill out… for the sake of peace”.
Maneta has been taking a hit from Zimbabweans on social networks, while Roki is earning praise for being “real”.
“I’ve been watching BBA since the first season, and I think Maneta is the worst representative of my beloved country. It’s better for her to leave soon to spare us the humiliation,” said Thembinkosi Matipira on Facebook.
Mpumi Nxumalo added: “Maneta is cute but she has crazy attitude.”
Former Big Brother star Vimbai Mutinhiri, who represented Zimbabwe last year, was pleased that Roki is safe for another week.
She tweeted: “Yay! Zero nominations for Roki. *joy*.”
But not everyone was pleased with Roki putting Maneta’s head on the chopping block.
Adelaide Gumiro said on Twitter: “Roki is such an idiot. I don’t know what game plan he has but that was a wrong move.”
In the nominations, Maneta’s gossip partner – Mampi from Zambia – picked up six nominations. Maneta and Ghana’s DKB are second with three votes each followed by Goldie with two. Prezzo and Lady May got one nomination each while Roki and South Africa’s Barbz emerged with a clean bill of health.


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