Zainab, Maneta, Mampi & Barbz Talk About Their Painful Pasts

The Upville girls engaged in serious conversation while sitting outside in the garden. Zainab, Maneta, Mampi and Barbz spoke about female issues and personal problems. The four were discussing pregnancy, c-sections, natural births, pain, morning sickness and murder. While Barbz, Maneta and Mampi don’t have children, Zainab told them about a chapter in her life.
Zainab told the girls that she was pregnant but lost the baby. The birth was excruciating and she was still in pain a few days later. She said that she and the baby were sick and that she couldn’t even walk.
The baby was taken away from her and she was told by authorities that they were going to take him to a children’s hospital. She said that the baby then died and nobody had told her. Zainab kept strong during her story-telling but Mampi broke down when she spoke about how her father was murdered.
Maneta spoke about both her parents’ deaths when she was a young girl. Her dad died when she was three and her mom died when she was 11. While the three had quite painful stories to tell, Barbz didn’t have much to say. They then agreed that today is boring.


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