Upville Nominations!

Big Brother added more twists to the game by turning the nominations to upville housemates. This is more likely to mark the end to relaxation in this house.
This was announced during the live eviction show where three Downville housemates Luke, Daphin and Yadel got booted out of the stargame. This breaking news didn’t go well on the side of the upville VIPs who have been living in total joy since they joined the game.

However, there was jubilation in downville when housemates were given an eviction break. They were perhaps even happier as they watched a suprising video clip from the Nigerian couple Ola and Chris who willingly exited the game in the middle of the week due to Ola’s health weakness.
The new entrant in the Upville, Zainab will automatically be exclussive during this Nomination exercise. This time its not going to be the random nomination system but instead fellow housemates to directly participate in the eviction process of one another.


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