Downville Diner Chaos

The Downville Diner immediately swung into action as soon as the champagne started flowing.
Though the Tanzania and Zimbabwean Housemates were already up for Eviction this week, the fun was simply unstoppable.
With almost everyone speaking at once in the crowded House, Namibia’s Junia managed to talk over the Housemates as she screamed for alcohol. “Guys, Please search for booze,” she was heard screaming on top of her voice.

There was mayhem as they swarmed the House trying to make an impression on each other. It seemed as though the alcohol added fuel to the flame as they couldn’t stop toasting as they got acquainted with each other.
At some point, Ghana’s Mildred was queried about why she had brought her boyfriend into the House out of all people. The confident Mildred didn’t seem bothered even when the other girls implied that it was not a good idea.
Meanwhile, Chris led the Housemates in song as he tossed Tequila around singing “She’s a jolly good fella” signaling that the Downville Diners had indeed arrived and Biggie deserved a toast.


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