Big Brother Stargame – Day 7

It was after the Saturday night dance that hell broke loose in all the houses but before that, Mampi who has been rated as the best dancer of this season did her thing as Prezzo looked on with his mouth wide open with saliva dropping as he watched every move.
Downville Fights: – Sierra Leone Zainab and Seydou from Angola. Zainab could not hold her anger that she had to throw a glass at Seydou who in turn played it cool but assured her that should he be disqualified, he will have to thump her before leaving the house.

South Africa’s Keagan was about to go for Liberia’s Luke had it not been for Nigeria’s Ola to come in and use his physique to scare the hell out of Keagan. Big Brother called the Head of House Keitta and asked him to warn the housemates about their behaviour that will not be tolerated next week.
Keita whose HOH role expires tomorrow tried communicating the warning from Big Brother but most guys were threatening to fight as some of the gals were just crying.
Upville Fight: Rocki and DKB had a small scuffle over the gals but it did not last long. All these fights can only be attributed to booze. Looking at how things are unfolding in the house, we could see up to 4 or more housemates disqualified if they do not change.


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