News:Will Zainab Remain Swaggerific ???

A few days ago, Biggie asked the Housemate in both houses that is….Downvile and Upville to vote for thr Housmates who had most swag.Afterwards, votes were counted and Zainab took the lead.This means that its a challenge to her because it is always said that….”It is easy to become number one but it is always hard to stay number one”
However it was not a single race……that it was only Zainab voted, Seydou,Barbz, Keita and Eve too were in the race but its Zainab who was on the top.
Today we are to have a weekend party and sooner or later its to start. The people to watch are Zainab,Goldie, Seydou,Barbz,Keitta ,Eve and a few others who are believed to have been ranked according to their swag.
Will Zainab maintain her SWAG?????


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