Namibia: Big Brother Proving to Be Fun Already?

Chances are by now you are glued to your seats watching with the rest of the continent the recently launched Big Brother Africa 7th season: Big Brother Stargame, screening 24/7 for the next remaining 85 days before the USD 300 000 is handed over to the ultimate winner.
Already the show seems to lived up to its promise of a great entertainment and drama all wrapped in one. The house has been divided into two with the Upville residence, hosting a group of seven celebrities including our very own Lady May. The Downville house has now become home to 28 vibrant, chatty and loud housemates who are making use of their time to get to know each other considering there are a lot of long days to go.

Housemates in the Downville house entered in pairs and this Sunday nominated Housemates from Tanzania Hilda and Julio along with Zimbabwe’s sisters Maneta and Tecla could be heading home come this Sunday. The nominated housemates have managed to go on with the game without dwelling on the possibility of leaving. There were a few tears when IK announced the nominations for eviction last Sunday.
Housemates already had a taste of their very first set of tasks this week. As we know this is one of Big Brothers many secret tasks to simply see if housemates can put aside their differences and work together towards making sure they win their task wagers.
So our girl Junia isn’t wasting much time and has been caught on camera spending her time with Kenyan brother Malonza with both seemingly feeling each other. Need I mention the kiss? Yes, these two didn’t waste anytime in sharing a rather intimate smooch session if you ask me. Only time will tell where this is all going to eventually end, strategy? Maybe, or not.
We have already seen how advances of this nature end in this game in previous seasons but we should just wait and see what comes of it. Jessica and Lady May are still smoothly playing the game but just like Big Brother, has so many twists in the game, something tells me we are yet to see the two come out and brighten our screens with a little Nam drama.
Housemates entered the house as either best buddies, siblings and only one couple dared to enter this season,namely Ghana’s Mildred and Keita who are confident enough to say that being a couple will not be their weak point, nor will it deter them from going all the way for the cool USD 300 000. It surely will be a tricky one considering people are already liking each other not even a week into the game.
There doesn’t seem to be much strategy planning yet, and I am sure with free booze and many other freebies, and loads of fun, many housemates might just lose their focus thinking they are on vacation not aware that at the end of the day they have to the take USD 300 000 cool cash up for grabs home.


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