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Seven Heads On Chopping Block

Every evening of any Monday is the save and replace decision made by the HOH prior to the nominations held earlier in the morning.
Revealing the names of the  nominees this evening, Big Brother told Ruby Housemates that Bolt, Natasha and Sulu were nominated for possible eviction.
As always the HOH can save any Housemate and replace that Housemate with another one. Based in the Diary Room, Feza decided to save Sulu and replaced him with Pokello. This implies that the final nominees from the Ruby House are , Bolt, Natasha and Pokello. This decision is to be revealed to the Housemate on  Sunday before  the eviction show.
A while later, the heart boxing announcement was taken to the Diamond House with Annabel, Dillish, Hakeem and Nando being the nominees. Nando as the HOH had to  go into the Diary Room for the save and replace decision.
Himself being on the block, there was no surprise that Nando had to save his head and Namibia’s Maria was his choice to act as a replacem…

Reality Kicks In: We could see a Replica of the Angola Exit.

Zimbabwe and Namibia MUST lose a Housemate,if not both comeSundaywhen another couple will be evicted after Ethiopia’s Betty and Botswana’s Motamma were given the tough boot by Africa.

Both housemates from either country were put up for eviction this week; we are talking Namibia’s Dillish and Maria as well as Zimbabwe’s Hakeem and Pokello. If you asked I would say both countries have been well represented. Biggie went to Windhoek and picked two gorgeous lasses in Maria and Dillish(who are best friends outside the house) and no doubt they have represented very well. 

Maria is this bubbly little thing with an amazing personality,always laughing and reminds me so much of Jessica Shikeva of the Stargame fame when she talks. I like Maria a lot. Dillish was my first crush when the show had started though I gradually got over her (yeah, I know, I get bored easily).

Anyway to business, Dillish is a great beauty kinda conserved a bit and very choosy with her friends unlike Maria who g…

The Chase’s Witnessed Hook Ups In The Four Weeks.

The chase has marked 30 days running with 61 more to seal it. So much has happened and  so much is about to. But as we wait for what will unfold in the nearest or furthest future, let’s press the rewinding button and look into the most eye catching scenes that happened in the past four weeks.
There were so many talking points during the four weeks but my biggest interest is about the hook ups, who had hots for and who  and who made it to the desirable point. This is how it was;
Week oneand day one of the chase saw Seirra Leone’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s Betty hitting  it off almost immediately and by the second day, the couple was already joined at the hip. By this time,Uganda’s  LK4 couldn’t really decide between the lovely Koketso and the hot Beverly, which almost got nasty as the two ladies got into the dude.

Week two featured LK4 and Koketso becoming an official couple as Hakeem and Cleo also took the same route  though by then they were living in different houses courtesy …

Nando’s New Pretty Looks

The Young Tanzanian Nando had his hair braided after he has had a big shaggy afro for the past three weeks in the Big Brother house Nobody knew that underneath his shaggy afro there was so much beauty just waiting to be revealed. When he unveiled a new braided hairdo it became evident that really he does have the good looks to accompany his kiddish smile and playful ways.
It is also clear from all of the fanfare that he has got on the social networks; basically since he got put up for eviction. In fact the young student from Tanzania has caught the eye and hearts of many ladies all around Africa.
And probably Selly will be pleased and she will just like the young dude’s new looks given the fact she is in a different house and she has not yet seen Nando’s new braided hair.

Betty, Elikem, Motamma, Nando, Natasha and Oneal are up for possible eviction this week, vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game.

Selly In A Rendezvous Triangle

Ghana’s Selly has so far been the luckiest chaser amongst her fellow Housemates in almost everything. Talk of HOH- she won the title twice, swapping Housemates for eviction, she’s got two evicted so far and now she’s looking forward to having a double Rendezvous date.
Selly has managed to find herself in Rendezvous  triangle,  we haven’t seen before. She is due for a date in the Rendezvous Room with two fellow Chasers, one being a female friend Maria and the other being a guy she’s been crushing on, Nando. This has got to be a record first in  the Big  Brother House.
When she was asked which date  she’s  looking  forward to the most , during her Diary Session earlier this afternoon, Selly  responded by saying it is Nandos. She added  that there has been a lot of talk about how interesting and funny the Tanzanian lad is. So she is looking forward to a whole lot of that and more. At this stage, she didn’t know what Nando has in mind for her but she’ll soon find out.

In the m…

Natasha: “My Best Friend Betrayed Me”

While the Malawian claimed that the Ghanaian Selly is her best friend in the Ruby house in particular and the Big Brother house in general, she is still in shock that Selly could not save her from possible eviction last week, but instead she was able to save Oneal. Natasha had a talk with Big Brother yesterday during her Diary Session and she confessed that she is currently dealing with two issues, the first issue is that she is up for possible eviction this week and that makes her uncomfortable. The second issue that she is dealing with is the shock of her best friend not saving her from possible eviction last week.
“I am still shocked that my best friend betrayed me”, she explained. “She only wished me good luck just before the evictions instead of saving me”, she added.

When Big Brother asked her about their current relationship, she told him that there is no probelm between the two of them, though she said that Selly cannot look her into the eyes currently. However Big…

Selly- The Chase’s Record Maker

Since the beginning of The Chase Selly has been one  Housemate whose game plan has been admirable to date. The Ghanaian lass,  has proven over and over again that she belongs in The Chase and doesn’t intend on leaving just yet, and from the way things are unfolding, she’s so far the chase’s record maker.
Selly has been both calculative and paired with luck , her plans have been successful. She’s has so far been the first Housemate to win the HOH title twice and in a row. During her regime as the HOH, she swapped two Housemates for eviction and both were sent packing to save her from the worries of feeling guilty of the decisions.
Selly has been the only Housemate to swap eight Housemates to different Houses out of pain but still survived the Nominations.

As if all that was not enough to make her a real game player. When it came to the rendezvous date, Selly has managed to find herself in a triangle where she has ti show up for two dates with two different people which no on…

Angelo: “I Feel Miserable Without Maria”

Some housemates have now turned into monsters as the love they have for some fellow housemates has totally filled their hearts and resulted into jealousy. A good example is South Africa’s Angelo who told Big Brother during his Diary Session yesterday that he really feels very miserable without Namibia’s Maria. “I wish that we could work it out,” he told Big Brother.
He went ahead to tell Big Brother that he is a very jealous person and that he would see green if at all he found out that the Namibian cutie is having a relationship with some other guy in the Diamond House.

He really looked very much in love with Maria though she rejected him, and basing on whatever he said, it seems like the Namibian is now an owned property.
Bolt, Betty, Elikem, Motamma, Nando, Natasha and Oneal are up for possible eviction this week, vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game.

Feza & Fatima Gossip About Diamond House

After the long activity filled evening, the rubies could still not find sleep to send them off to dreamland. Stuck in their bedroom with their eyes wide open, the housemates kicked off a conversation and randomly, the three former Diamond housemates, Elikem, Fatima and Feza zeroed on discussing about their former residence. The girls were the ones that had much to say about their former house. They kicked off by talking about the entire set up of the house of how the housemates are divided into two groups; the boys and the girls. They talked about the girls in the house and there different characters.

The yapping went on from discussing the housemates in the house to the state of the house its self and how organised it is. They talked about the huge difference between the ruby house and the diamond house saying that the diamond house is a total mess and when it comes to the ruby house it is quite different. They said that the house is quite official and organized and that…

Is This Why Women Watch Big Brother Africa?

Ever wondered why some women watch Big Brother Africa? We all know men are drawn to shower hour videos, but our dear African women have their own fetish. This could be the main reason why many women are drawn to The Chase.
Seems legit, doesn’t it? At least, this is not as sordid as the shower hour videos we are getting from our female contestant. I can’t imagine how it feels watching Hakeem like that as a lady, considering the fact that Hakeem is the hottest dude in the house (according to our polls).

Sulu And Selly Break The Silence

Yesterday most of the Chasers especially the Ruby housemates, took an effort to confess to Big Brother about their love affairs in the Big Brother house. All this happened during their Diary Sessions, whereby they laid out their dirty laundry one by one, the Ghanaian beauty “Selly” was one of those who confessed. She finally admitted about the fact that she is currently very open to the idea of becoming more than friends with Zambia’s Sulu.
“He tells me that he loves me so much but I am not sure of which kind of love he means,” she told Big Brother. Big Brother then asked Selly about “the marriage” that she and Sulu have always been joking about and if this could at one time turn into something serious.

“Well he has not yet proposed to me, he has not come out and asked me to be his girlfriend or anything so I am just waiting for him,” she answered.
During Sulu’s Diary Session, he completely had nothing but high praise for the Ghanaian. “I like Selly very much. We get along…

Feza And Oneal’s Love In Full Bloom

Right now it seems like Feza’s move from the Diamond House to the Ruby House is really doing her a variety of good things. The fact that since the first stay of the Chase she has always been single, she decided to enter the fourth week in the game with not only a new hairstyle, but a fine man as well in Botswana’s Oneal. This morning the beautiful Tanzanian woke up in the arms of Botswana’s Oneal after they spent the night warming each other up though we are not so sure if something happened under those covers?
And surely the romance between these two was seen coming. It all began with a brief meeting in the Airtel Arena that sparked a strong connection between the pair a couple of weeks ago, they have not only been looking into each other’s eyes and having very deep conversations, but now they have reached an extent of sharing a bed, and as a reminder this’s not the first time they are sharing a bed.
Feza put the whole Elikem situation aside after being concerned about Eli…

‘It’s Hard Living Without S3x’ – Motamma

What can’t you live without? During today’s Diary Sessions, Biggie tasked housemates to mention the things they can not live without and some of the Chasers’ responses were quite intriguing.
Diamond resident Motamma had this to say: “Living in the Big Brother house for close to four weeks has taught me that I can live without Internet, my Mobile phone…” However, she added: “In the Big Brother house, it’s tough not being able to make love.” With a smile on her face, the Tswana beauty explained that she was enjoying her stay in the house though as a person, she missed doing ‘certain things’.
The other Diamonds including Nando confided in Biggie that  he couldn’t live without the internet but thanks to cigarettes, he was copying. Dillish shared that she couldn’t live without her grand father. “I can not live without my grand father, he raised me and has been my mother, father, uncle, sister, brother…,” she said. Zimbabwe’s Hakeem simply said that he couldn’t live without food…

Bolt Docks Betty’s Honey Pot For The Second Time

According to some Ethiopians, they believe that Betty is not behaving well in The Chase.
She is not a description of what Ethiopian women are like, so she is said to be just one lost teacher, who don’t deserve to be a teacher. However to some, they think that Betty is just a human being with feelings. Betty & Bolt have been having unprotected sex in BBA The Chase and its just unfortunate that she is behind cameras.
Click link to watch video

Fatima Is Jealous Of Elikem-Pokello Closeness!

I just like the way Biggie portrays the Diary Room to the Housemates. “The Diary Room is very confidential and is meant for Housemates to reveal anything on their mind to Big Brother,” Biggie always tells Housemates.
It’s true, and whatever happens in there remains confidential with Biggie but what Housemates forget is that Africa is also exposed to their revelations. Bearing in mind that  no one is listening except Big Brother, Housemates tend to reveal whatever they have on their minds. This makes the Diary Room more than a confessional room.
Fatima is one Housemate who today used the Diary Room to reveal what bothers her the most. The Malawian openly said that she’s jealousy and  doesn’t feel okay with the way Elikem gets along with Zimbabwe’s Pokello.It’s pretty evident that the Malawian has a thing for this Ghanaian dude though she can”t tell him. But trouble seems to have come her way as there is a third party in her dream. “Now  that there is a woman involved I…

Elikem Enjoys Two Girls

Just like nocturnals do, the Ghanaian boy is very lively and active during the night while during the day he is lazy and at times he seems like he does not know what he wants. Elikem proved that he is best active after the darkness has fallen. In the early hours of the morning, the Ghanaian was very busy with his girls “Pokello and Fatima” in that he split his time equally between these two girls. At first the Ghanaian dude shared bed with the Zimbabwean beauty and they actually spent some good time whispering sweet lies and nothings to each other.
Immediately Pokello got tired and fell asleep, he quickly jumped out of the bed and set off to the kitchen with Malawi’s Fatima for a snack. He did fry up some eggs for Fatima after which the two housemates moved to the bedroom where they spent the whole morning in each other’s arms.
Surely it seems to be nice and fun to Elikem given the fact that he has two beautiful girls who can keep him warm through the winter morning.

Natasha Still Ranting About Her Nomination

After four hours past the declaration of the people nominated for possible eviction, still it has not sunk inside her that she is up for eviction the third consecutive time, Natasha. After shading tears and getting to talk through it with fellow Housemates Fatima and Oneal, she walked out of the house house and we thought that she had gotten over it but hell no.
Natasha still can not believe that she is up for possible eviction and she is trying to find out the reason(s) as to why her fellow housemates really like to have her out of the game. On going out she had a word with Fatima with who she told if the housemates think her being organized is her strategy then they are hating for nothing because that’s her life style. From here she headed to the Jacuzzi to confront Pokello and Elikem and ask them why.
On entry into the house  in her room to be exact, she had a long conversation with Cleo. In this conversation Cleo had nothing to say apart to listen to the Natasha as she…

Nominations: Seven On Block

Today being a Monday, Housemates carried out Nominations  for possible evictions and from the results, Diamond’s Elikem, Natasha and Pokello came out tops.
While revealing the names of the nominees this evening, in alphabetical order, Big Brother told the Rubies that Elikem, Natasha and Pokello were nominated. However the Head of House could save one of them and replace that person with another Housemate.
While in the Diary Room, Bassey decided to save Zimbabwe’s Pokello and replaced her with Oneal who got saved last week. This implies that from the Ruby House, Elikem , Natasha and Oneal are up for possible eviction.
From the Diamond House, after all the nominations, Annabel , Betty, Bolt and Nando were nominated and the Head of Hose could also save and replace one of them.
For the save and replace decision from the Diary room, Annabel who is the current HOH  obviously saved herself and swapped Motamma!
After the save and replace decisions from both Heads of the Households, …

Elikem Should Learn From LK4

If Elikem had heard LK4′s testimony when he got booted from the Big Brother house he would surely understand that messing/playing Biggie’s girls is not a working strategy of playing the game anymore. LK4′s involvement in a love triangle with Koketso, Selly and Beverly cost him prolonged stay in the Big Brother house, he lamented after eviction. His flirting with the girls got his favorite koketso on the block to, as Selly decided to swap her in favor of  Biguesas and the love birds were kicked out. Ghana’s Elikem finds himself in the same situation in the same Ruby house where LK4 failed to balance the threesome. Elikem might need to play smart if he’s not to fall in the same ditch like LK4.
The Ghana man has almost three ladies crushing on him, Fetima, Selly and Pokello are both struggling for his attention but the Zimbabwe eye candy seems to be taking he’s attention leaving the rest in sleepless nights craving for his attention. If he plays his cards well he can be sure …

Natasha Sheds Tears Yesterday

With the long awaited live eviction show extending nearer, emotions in the Ruby house are rising higher and higher. It’s like she had a dream in the night that she will possibly leave the Big Brother house tonight, Malawi’s Natasha burst into tears while she was hugging her fellow Rubies.
As a reminder, Natasha is up for possible eviction tonight and possibly she could be enjoying her very last moments with her fellow Rubies in the Big Brother house.
The Malawian also faced possible eviction from the Big Brother house in the first week of the Chase, as a result of the then Ruby Head of House Beverly saving Bassey and replacing him with Natasha. But when it came to the evictions, she was actually saved by Africa when they voted for her.

However throughout this week, Natasha has always been asking her self whether she will survive getting evicted from the Big Brother house, and indeed she was crying as she hugged one of her tightest friend Sulu.
We only wish our dear Natasha succe…

Neyll Also Out, Game Over For Angola!

The third eviction show has been the worst for Angola  witnessing a double eviction of its two representatives.
Biguesas and Neyll have tonight been evicted out of the  Big Brother  house  making Angola’s chance of having a Big Brother Africa winner a total flop.

Neyll who entered the House as a Diamond and he together with Uganda’s Denzel were the first ones to taste the Swap heading to the Ruby House. He has this evening joined his fellow countryman Biguesas on the evictees’ list as they are both to head home.
He has wasn’t nominated but instead was a victim of the save and replace decision when the HOH Selly replaced him for Botswana’s Oneal.
This implies that Angola’s journey in the chase has ended tonight and they just have to try the next season.

Last Week In The Chase

As this week began, it was all sad in the Big Brother house especially in the Ruby house after the unexpected eviction of their fellow Rubies “Lk4 and Koketso“. The Ruby couple was put out of the Chase after Ruby Head of House saved Angola’s Biguesas and replaced him with Koketso to face possible eviction and indeed Koketso did not survive. Lk4 was one of the housemates who received the highest number of nominations from his fellow Rubies and he was so unlucky that Africa did not save him too.
Then on Monday the nominations came  in and as they ended, they left Neyll, Natasha, Biguesas, Pokello and Annabel being put up for this week. The Big Bolt was also up for possible Eviction as per the nomination results but he was so lucky to have been saved by Diamond Head of House “Melvin“. In celebration, Bolt reportedly started hitting on the Nigerian model “Beverly“.

South Africa’s Angelo also had a depressing week after Namibia’s Maria rejected him simply because she has a man bac…

Breaking News: Buguesas Gets Out Of The Chase!

Biguesas has also joined  the crew of the chasers who have failed to bag the $US300,000 grand prize.
Having spent three weeks of fun and entertainment  in the Big Brother House, Angola’s Biguesas has also been booted out of the house and  his chase has ended here.
He has been the fifth and Housemate to be evicted from the chase following Uganda’s Denzel and Kenya’s Huddah who went in the first week plus lovers LK4 and Koketso who left in the second week.

He entered the game as a Ruby and later was swapped to the Diamond House where he was nominated from due to the fact that he was holding back in his ‘by then new home’.
His exit from the chase leaves his country Angola with Neyll as their last shot who any time from now might also be ousted as he too is on the chopping block.

Housemates Console Motamma Over Grand Pa's Death

Following the shocking news that hit the Diamond house of the passing of Motamma’s Grand papa, the house was hit by a sorrow and the housemates started rolling in one by one to Motamma’s room paying their respects to her grand father and trying console her and offer their support as she passes through this hard time. Feza, who she asked to help her out while in the diary room at the time of delivery of the news guided her to her room where the rest of the housemates joined in to pay their respects. The most notable housemates was Annabel who gave her all the comfort she need and offered her the best of her support that she needed. ” I want you take it as it is and I want you to take iy out there are scriptures that I will read you that will make no sense at the moment but they will after some time but the house, the entire house is here for you….. what does your name mean, strength u need to be strong. Death is not an easy stage but we have to face it and go through it.…

Pokello: A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

This was quite a telling during one of Pokello’s Diary sessions recently, the Zimbabwean beauty who usually looks reserved and sometimes she looks like she is not reserved at all has seemingly started to open up a little bit slowly by slowly. Big Brother asked the Ruby housemate “Pokello” about the inspiration for her painting that she had painted and in fact it’s the one she presented yesterday night during the task presentation, the Zimbabwean eagerly declared, “A thin line between love and hate”. Well, well, is not that interesting?
Could it be that the make up beauty queen’s sudden interest in love in that she even went ahead to do a painting about it “love” mean anything about her and the Ghanaian dude who is also a  former Diamond housemate or have anything to do with all of the time she has been spending with him “Elikem“?

Although the Pokello and Elikem recently have recently denied that there is anything going on between them, they have been looking quite close t…

Three New Housemates Join The Chase

Big Brother Africa season 8 “The Chase” is still progressing and as it continues to tighten, three new faces have now joined the game.
These three housemates will help keep viewers up to date with all the latest information and everything that happens in the Big Brother house. They are Boity Thulo, Tumi Morake and David Kibuuka.
Boity Thulo
Boity Thulo is a Model and an actor and she is in charge of keeping viewers up to speed with Big Brother’s online elements. She will also contribute to Good Morning Africa, Star Gist and 53 Extra, making sure that the Big Brother fans stay up to date with anything as regards the Chase happening on our website, mobile and all social media networks.

Tumi Morake
Morake studied Drama at Wits University, majoring in performance and writing, focussing on the comedy. Her career has seen her travelling to Prague, Paris and London. She’s starred in a number of theatre shows and works in industrial and educational theatre and has been a fixture on …

Annabel Wins Diamond Head Of House Task

The 24 year old Kenyan won the Head of House Task in the Diamond house this morning while Tanzanian Nando did not participate in the Head of House task due to the fact that Fatima who won the “Power Of No” excluded him from participating in the task. While some of the housemates were resting in the living room, some were half necked and some were fully prepared for the task, Big Brother announced that “Can all housemates begin there task”.
Unlike in the Ruby house where Bassey easily found the red ball within a few seconds, it took around a minute for Annabel to find the Yellow ball. Just like any other person who wins something, Annabel shouted as she raised the yellow ball up in the air after which Big Brother announced that Annabel is the Diamond Head of House for next week.

Hopefully she survives the Sunday evictions so that she may execute her duties as Head of House in the Diamond house, our dear Annabel we only wish you success on Sunday night so that you do not get evi…

Bassey Wins Ruby Head Of House Task

Just after Big Brother made an announcement while the Ruby housemates were in the living room, “Housemates start the task right now”, he said. They all rushed to the garden and before all of them had lined up on the starting line, the bazzer was sounded, they all ran quickly to the pool to look for the red plastic ball and within no minute, it was the young Sierra Leone who had it in his hands. Bassey then rose his hand up in the air with the red ball as he also shouted in expression of the joy and happiness of winning the head of house today.

Just after a few minutes, Big Brother announced that the Ruby head of house for the next week is Bassey. This means that the actor will begin his duties on Monday and this automatically guarantees him more two weeks in the Big Brother house.
Congratulations to our very own Bassey for winning the Ruby Head of House task for this week and we wish you a stable and happy week as you execute your duties next week.