Annabel Wins Diamond Head Of House Task

annabel head of houseThe 24 year old Kenyan won the Head of House Task in the Diamond house this morning while Tanzanian Nando did not participate in the Head of House task due to the fact that Fatima who won the “Power Of No” excluded him from participating in the task.
While some of the housemates were resting in the living room, some were half necked and some were fully prepared for the task, Big Brother announced that “Can all housemates begin there task”.
Unlike in the Ruby house where Bassey easily found the red ball within a few seconds, it took around a minute for Annabel to find the Yellow ball. Just like any other person who wins something, Annabel shouted as she raised the yellow ball up in the air after which Big Brother announced that Annabel is the Diamond Head of House for next week.

Hopefully she survives the Sunday evictions so that she may execute her duties as Head of House in the Diamond house, our dear Annabel we only wish you success on Sunday night so that you do not get evicted from the Big Brother house.


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