Biguesas: Diamonds Are Better Than The Rubies

biguesas diamond fineHe could it be other than a former housemate of the Ruby house and currently a housemate of the Diamond house, “The Diamonds are better people to stay with as compared to the Rubies”, he said.
Yesterday while talking to Big Brother in the diary room as a compensation of his diary session that he missed while he was sick, Big Brother asked him how he finds life and playing his game in the Diamond house and all he had to say was that he finds life and playing his game in the Diamond house very interesting than it is in the Ruby house.

He confidently added that the housemates in the Diamond house are so friendly and that they are real people as compared to the housemates in the Ruby house. He also had to say that there is a lot of gossiping in the Ruby house were by people are always in corridors whispering to each other.
As far as he has noticed so far for the few days he has spent in the Diamond house, the housemates there are also very caring and they do not pretend a lot, they do and represent what they are.
An example in the Ruby house that he gave was Malawian Natasha who can have a conversation with you and then she stabs in the back afterwards.
Generally he said the Diamond house is fun, interesting and a more safer place to stay than the Ruby house and he is feeling very fine and lively in the Diamond house.


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