Housemates Back Up The Hakeem-Cleo Reunion.


*The connexion between Cleo and Hakeem is the strongest so far……*
There are so  many terms that can be used to describe Hakeem’s situation  at the moment…. One would say that; “Hakeem is head over heels in love with Cleo“. Or someone would also say that;” Hakeem is hung up on Cleo”…..All in all we are trying to mean that Hakeem is obsessed  and is in madly in love with Cleo.
The young Zimbabwean lad has ever since  joined the Diamond House been sad and mournful all the time thinking of the special thing he had started with the Zambian female rapper Cleo in the Ruby House. Hakeem has not been himself courtesy of the swap twist which saw him leaving Cleo in the Ruby House.
This thoughtful situation has cost Hakeem his game as his fellow Housemates noticed him and felt that he’s in a wrong place thus nominated him for possible eviction.
After being among those on the chopping block,Hakeem had some time with some of the Housemates and shared with them that he had a special thing with Cleo in the Ruby house and that is why he was behaving the way he did. Housemates later on understood the cause of Hakeem’s sad moods and now feel guilty and wish they could change their nomination decisions.
As of now, as the Crush wall task  where Housemates are to met with their crushes is proceeding, Housemates seem to have secretly launched a “Make Hakeem Happy” operation to make Hakeem reunion with his Cleo.
cleemAs a saying goes; “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”, Diamond Housemates have sacrificed their crushes and volunteered to make the Hakeem-Cleo dream come true by adding Cleo to their profiles.
This seems to work because as of now Hakeem is head and shoulders above the rest in the task…….The same  campaign was launched in the Ruby House as Housemates crushed Hakeem just for Cleo’s sake.
“Never give up....” ……. Hakeem who has been sulking since Sunday because he misses his lady love, Cleo whom he left in the Ruby House, might see her again sooner than he expected.
Do you think that Hakeem is being genuine or it’s part of the game?


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