Bassey Wins Ruby Head Of House Task

bassey head of houseJust after Big Brother made an announcement while the Ruby housemates were in the living room, “Housemates start the task right now”, he said. They all rushed to the garden and before all of them had lined up on the starting line, the bazzer was sounded, they all ran quickly to the pool to look for the red plastic ball and within no minute, it was the young Sierra Leone who had it in his hands.
Bassey then rose his hand up in the air with the red ball as he also shouted in expression of the joy and happiness of winning the head of house today.

Just after a few minutes, Big Brother announced that the Ruby head of house for the next week is Bassey. This means that the actor will begin his duties on Monday and this automatically guarantees him more two weeks in the Big Brother house.
Congratulations to our very own Bassey for winning the Ruby Head of House task for this week and we wish you a stable and happy week as you execute your duties next week.


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