Things Get Real Steamy In Ruby

On biggie announcing that the housemates were to keep one cycle running till the break of dawn meant that they were to spend the entire night awake. So in order to pass their time well, the rubies decided to battle it out in a dance one on one contest between the boys and gals and each couple given 60 seconds.
After all the housemates gathering in the living room, the show down started with Bassey and Beverly tussling it out. A battle that was heated to Bassey taking off his clothes and getting real raunchy with Beverly.
Next was Lk4 battling it up with Cleo, this started out with LK4 fearing to show what he got,probably was fearing “his beloved”  Koketso. Later, however he nailed his performance triumphing Cleo.
MP2_Jun05_005222_0 263
It was all a ladies affair when Maria battled with Selly. Of course it could not be called a wrap until Sulu performed.  The entertaining Sulu did battle Koketso who he seriously trumped with is magical performance. The rest of thecontest wqas between Pokello and Neyll.
MP2_Jun05_005222_0 383


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