Another Torn Love Again

elikeem and fatima
Clearly this game’s twist will keep us entertained but to those that are in the house, these twists just sacks and its heart breaking for those housemates that form bonds and are then separated in the name of swapping.

Just when we thought we had seen enough suffering that Hakeem has been going through lately after he was separated from Cleo who he had bonded quite well before swapping, we are hit by yet another heart broken Fatima after being separated from Elikem someone that she had bonded well with.
The TV presenter and MC from Lilongwe had shared quite a number of intimate moments with the Ghanaian actor staring with sharing beds to having a couch moment of intimacy  Fatima is clearly missing those cosy moments she and the Ghanaian shared when they lived in the same House. In the garden,this evening all Fatima could do was sing sad songs. What started off as a fun singing session quickly became tinged with sadness, as Fatima ran through tear-inducing love songs.
The Malawian even remixed some of these songs, adding a few well-placed Elikem references. “I’ve got a feeling that Elikem will be back”, she sang. Fatima really seems to be taking this separation hard, despite the smile she permanently has plastered on her face.
Lets hope the two havve the highest crash points so that they meet in the Rendez vous room and spark off  the romance for those few minutes that they are given.


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