Elikem Enjoys Two Girls

elikem ladies 2Just like nocturnals do, the Ghanaian boy is very lively and active during the night while during the day he is lazy and at times he seems like he does not know what he wants.
Elikem proved that he is best active after the darkness has fallen. In the early hours of the morning, the Ghanaian was very busy with his girls “Pokello and Fatima” in that he split his time equally between these two girls. At first the Ghanaian dude shared bed with the Zimbabwean beauty and they actually spent some good time whispering sweet lies and nothings to each other.
Immediately Pokello got tired and fell asleep, he quickly jumped out of the bed and set off to the kitchen with Malawi’s Fatima for a snack. He did fry up some eggs for Fatima after which the two housemates moved to the bedroom where they spent the whole morning in each other’s arms.
Surely it seems to be nice and fun to Elikem given the fact that he has two beautiful girls who can keep him warm through the winter morning.
Bolt, Betty, Elikem, Motamma, Nando, Natasha and Oneal are up for possible eviction this week, vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game.


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