The Chase Is On, Get To Know Who Is hotting Who

We are  into the third week of the game, The real chase is on and it is getting hotter day by day.
We thought that the season’t edition was dubbed “the  chase” to motivate contestants to chase after the grand prize, but it seems like they have other things they are chasing along with the $US300,000 grand prize.
This season, Big brother’s wanted housemates to play the game with love and to make this happen, he came up with different twists and turns that end up uniting Housemates and later develop affections for each other.
In their move to make the 91 days meaningful and memorable, bot the female and male chasers are not only chasing the grand prize, they are also eyeing relationships. The guys are chasing the hot chics and the hot chics are also employing means to get those silent hot dudes out of their shy ways.

With 18 days elapsed we have had time to look into the love chase and these are the results.
The Bolt and Betty chase(Belt),,…These are already confirmed and their chase was launched on their way into the House as they left the Big Brother Stage. The duo have been doing well for the past days and lucky enough they have managed to enjoy each other’s package.
Besides these two, Most of the Housemates are trying everything possible to get someone. Hakeem is chasing Cleo though at times he seems confused with the other beauties around him,Annabel is also unstable but it seems she had stabilised her heart with Angelo  until he was taken to the Ruby House where he too launched a new chase on Namibia’s Maria. Oneal is a silent chaser  though he hasn’t revealed who he is targeting.
Feza is another silent chaser who as of now seem to be unsuccessful as her targets get snatched by the fast female chasers. She had eyes for Elikem but was taken away by Fatima till the Ghanaian lad got swapped into the opposite House. She too had hots for  Ruby’s Oneal but it seems the distance doesn’t work for her thus paused a little. After revealing  that she’s to chase a new target, Feza has been seen a couple of times trying to get closer to Nigeria’s Melvin… We hope he’s her target.
Oh, I had almost forgotten Sulu. This funny Zambian lad seems serious with Ghana’s Selly though we think that she’s playing game with him. Sulu has been spotted on several occasions trying to clear it between him and the Ghanaian lass to to tell him who he is to her though Selly keeps on avoiding the questions.
Now we are still confused if we are getting another Player in the Ruby House after LK4′s exit or we are just  misunderstanding the guy. Ghana’s Elikem has proved to be social to the Ruby ladies who he flirts with when he gets a chance to corner them. We’re also clueless about his feelings for Pokello whose lips he has tasted. Elikem is also speculated to be having a thing for her fellow Ghanian, Diamond’s Feza as well as Fatima who he had started getting closer to before his swap. Now what should we take?… The chase is on.
With so many days to go, there might be more chase missions to be launched. …The good thing is that if the chasers get ejected before bagging the grand prize, at least they exit with the ones they chased….LK4 and Koketso are the best example so far.
What are the predicted chase missions in the Big Brother House?


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