The Chase’s Witnessed Hook Ups In The Four Weeks.

hookThe chase has marked 30 days running with 61 more to seal it. So much has happened and  so much is about to. But as we wait for what will unfold in the nearest or furthest future, let’s press the rewinding button and look into the most eye catching scenes that happened in the past four weeks.
There were so many talking points during the four weeks but my biggest interest is about the hook ups, who had hots for and who  and who made it to the desirable point. This is how it was;
Week one and day one of the chase saw Seirra Leone’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s Betty hitting  it off almost immediately and by the second day, the couple was already joined at the hip. By this time,Uganda’s  LK4 couldn’t really decide between the lovely Koketso and the hot Beverly, which almost got nasty as the two ladies got into the dude.
Week two featured LK4 and Koketso becoming an official couple as Hakeem and Cleo also took the same route  though by then they were living in different houses courtesy of the house swap. The duo shared their first Kiss in the Rendezvous room which came as a result of Biggie’s answer to Hakeem who was sulking for Cleo.
Week three saw Pokello and Elikem getting  close. Oh I didn’t tell you, this happened after Selly the then HOH brought in Elikem and Angelo into the Ruby House as she sent Beverly and Biguesas to the Diamond house during theweek’s  House swap. By this time, the Diamond newbie Beverly claimed that Betty’s Bolt was hitting on her reaching an extent of nominating him for possible eviction. As others were getting happy,  Feza was heartbroken over Elikem’s House Swap and in  a stable Ruby House, Sulu and Selly were getting really close as Angelo was seriously trying his luck with Namibia’s  Maria.
Week four did not feature much drama as the talking points were  Fatima and Elikem  bathing together and Feza and Oneal are getting serious. It also featured the chase’s oldest couple, Betty and Bolt getting separated courtesy of the evictions. Oh , as the week was winding up, we say Nando getting some happiness as he hooked up with Selly who he had crushes for some time back, this happened on the week’s fifth day and the following day the duo spent some good time in the Rendezvous room.
From all these compiled hook ups, there are so many compiled Romantic gestures which the fans are voting for….Get yourself involved.
What was the most romantic and interesting hook up you witnessed in the first month of the chase?


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