Does Natasha Have Hots For Maria?

hotsIf what we heard was the truth, then things might be getting heated up in the Big Brother House!…. Imagine 91 days in a closed environment cut off from external communication……… Tensions are high,emotions get out and real personalities exhibited!
Well, lets get to the point. In a conversation with Biggie during her Diary Session yesterday, Namibia’s pint-sized Marian revealed how she has two people wooing her in the House! The first revelation was Angelo who she said gave her a bracelet asking her to be someone close to her- More than a friend.
But it seems like the Namibians stick to their promises as she boldly told the South African choreographer that she wouldn’t like to complicate things as she has someone back home. She therefore disclosed that Angelo understood the issue and they are now cool friends.

 Going to the second person who has hots for her, Maria shocked us when she mentioned Natasha. The Namibian lass revealed that according to her,Natasha has something for her as she clearly said that she likes girls! This makes us put Natasha in another category but we wonder if Maria was trying to stir up things or telling the truth.
Though the duo have been spotted together on several occasions, it is hard to draw conclusions that there is some chemistry going on because they behave as normal friends.
What is in your mind now??….Is Natasha a lesb**n or Maria was telling a “Santa Clause” tale?


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