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Stragame’s Boys Want Girls!

The Stargame’s gents Keagan and Wati looked straight into the cameras and made a really naughty plea.
The 85 days in the Big Brother House has proven to be a bit problematic for some of the StarGame boys. Wati and Keagan spoke all evening about missing nookie and how they cannot wait to hook up with girls outside the House.
Wati made it be known exactly what kind of girl he is looking for as soon as he exits on Sunday. “I want a Blue Bulls dancer on Sunday night. Hook me up please,” Wati said, with a naughty smile on his face.

News: Talia Defends Seydou’s Love.

Again Talia had to defend her relationship with Seydou this evening.
It seems some of the StarGame boys still do not understand Talia’s fixation with Seydou. Talia had to explain herself again as she chilled in the Jacuzzi with the boys. Kyle, who initially had a crush on Talia, asked the Zambian about her connection to Seydou.
“Why should I have to explain myself all the time? Honestly, it’s always the same questions over and over again. Sey and I have a connection that I really want to explore further,” she confessed
When Kyle asked Talia what she would do if Seydou came to the Finale with another girl, Talia told him “I would be sad, but life goes on”.

StarGame Countdown: 5 Days To Go!

It’s the final week of the StarGame and evidently, from yesterday’s happenings in the house, housemates are taking every moment as it comes without crossing their lines.
Obviously, everyone would want to live the final StarGame days harmoniously and that’s exactly what housemates are doing. With the ‘Secret Task’ given to them yesterday, there’s some sense of unity among housemates as they try to mimic others.
It’s been 86 long days so far and it has not been easy for these StarGamers, however, they are still counting as the game comes to a spectacular climax in five days time.
All the six finalists including Kyle, Keagan, WatiP, Talia, Lady May and the Masai warrior are very strong contenders thus it won’t be a surprise if any of them walked home with the money on Sunday.
Well, well, who’s your ultimate winner on day 91?

Keitta’s Contract With Eazzy Wasn’t A Cocaine Deal – Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife founder and brother of Ghanaian Big Brother Stargame rep, Keitta has explained the much talked about contract between Eazzy (Mildred) and Keitta which was meant to provide a fair distribution of the Big Brother cash prize if either of them was to win the competition.
“It was a safety net. People are switching it around to make it sound fishy. The information officially wasn’t supposed to come out. It was only because I was under attack by ‘ghanacelebrities’ and I had to come on radio to clear the air.

News: Wati, Keagan & Talia In The Finals?

After surviving the chopping block this week, the trio could be slated to be part of the StarGame finale.
Wati was been nominated by fellow housemates yesterday but as Head of House, he exercised his ‘powers’ and saved his head for Kyle‘s.
Keagan was lucky enough not to get a single vote in yesterday’s nominations. The South African lad also survived being swapped by Wati.
As for Talia, so far, she holds the record for not being put up for possible eviction in Upville. The last time the Zambian lass faced the chopping block was the eventful night where she was upgraded to Upville, since then, she has survived numerous nominations and swaps.
Well, after this week, there will only be seven days to go implying that these ex-Downvillers could already be in the finals unless Biggie has another twist for the housemates.
As for Prezzo, Lady May, Jannette and Kyle, they will have to wait until Sunday to find out their fate in the StarGame. However, at least one of them will be head…

Alcohol To Take Away Jannette’s Eviction Worry.

Having not faced the chopping block for the past ten weeks, Jannette never knew how it feels like to wait for the evictions while your name is on the Eviction list . This week   it looks like her  Nomination Holiday is  over as her fellow Housemates put her up for possble eviction.
While in the Diary Room this afternoon, the Ugandan revealed lass  that she is worried and scared of the eviction due to the fact that she has never faced it before.
She also added that being the fact that she is going to battle with big  people ;Prezzo, Lady May and probably Keagan (as she thinks), it makes her worried more.

Breaking News: Wati Swaps Kyle For Eviction

While gathered in the lounge, Biggie read to the Housemates the names of those upfor possible eviction. In their alphabetical order,Jannette,Lady May , Prezzo and Wati.
As Usual the Head of House has the right to saved one Housemate and replace with another.
Called in theDiary Room for the save and replace deal, the Head of House Wati
saved and replaced himself with Kyle.
This means that the final naames of the Housemates up fotr this week’s possible
evictions are, Jannette, Kyle , Lady May and Prezzo
It has now become a big challenge for the Ugandans as it has to choose one of
their Housemates to save.
Start voting for your favourite Housemate now..

Kyle And Keagan Get a Funny Quarrel

The whole day  Housemates have been hard at work on the t-shirts they are supposed to paint for charity as part of their weekly task.
As the evening wound down  and the Housemates started getting exhausted, Keagan and Kyle playfully turned the heat up just a notch with some verbal banter that seemed to excite their fellow Housemates.
The two lads  flexed their skills in the living room and went at each other as the rest were listening.Talia, Jannette and Wati of course, were on hand to give running commentary as the  entertainers proceeded.
As time went on, things  looked threatening as if they were  to take a more dangerous level, the two girls  were on hand to douse the fire. “Oh God! It looks like it’s starting to get personal,” they said, encouraging the boys to keep things friendly and entertaining.
Talia was even playfully notin that the pressure is getting to everyone.

” I Would Nominate All Of Them”-Lady May!

Doesn’t she like them, or there is something else?
It looks like Lady May is one Stargamer who can pretend that everything is fine yet its not. From her nomination session early this morning, we got to realise that the Namibian is one person who can smile at you yet she has a beef on you.
When asked two fellow Housemates she would like to nominate for this week’s possible eviction, Lady May mentioned Jannette and  Wati but went ahead and said that had she been given a chance to nominate all of them she would have done so.
The Namibian songstress explained how pissed she was by all her fellow Housemates for  centering her in their gossip.

News: Prezzo’s Bed Comforts Jannette

After her name was announced on this week’s chopping block, Jannette was struck by the Eviction fever and the whole House looked murky for her.
Being her first time to face evictions, the Ugandan lass became worried and lost all the happiness she had and all the words that she was hearing were bitter in her ears.
As she  tried to recover from the shock of being put up for possible Eviction for the first time in the StarGame at this late stage of the game, she finally  found solace in Prezzo’s bed.

Surprise: 2Face Idibia In The House

The “African Queen” star  and Nigeria’s top artist 2Face idibia paid   a surprise visit to the Housemates this afternoon.As it is well known that Biggie is full of surprises so did he  drop this one to his residents.
The Housemates were chilling  in their normal life going about their daily routine and from the storeroom there came  a grey suited bold guy who is famous at least to every African  who loves Music.
All Housemates were happy but we can’t avoid talking about Jannette‘s reaction. The Ugandan lass couldn’t contain  her excitement as she jumped onto the singer as a sign of welcome . She remained glued in his chest for some minutes leaving other Housemates just staring at her.

Goldie Plans an Album On BBA Experience

Lagos — Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey (Goldie), evicted Nigerian representative in the big Brother Star Games has said her lesson from the house will form the major theme of her next album having put her music career on hold to participate in the reality contest.
The Ekiti state born pop singer who said she has leant a lot about other countries in Africa and their culture as well about herself disclosed that she was proud to have the privilege of representing Nigeria in the contest

Spy Keitta Confesion; I Didn’t Know Eazzy Too Well

So apparently GhanaCelebrities.Com was right for saying that Eazzy was being used to hype up Keitta. Well this particular statement raised a whole lot of issues to those who care and those involved which actually went down to ‘we-are-not-cool’ situation between Eazzy and Reggie. If I was them, I would have waited till Keitta had won first before anything.
Well whether she was used or not, no one came home with the prize and life must go on. At least Eazzy was/is a musician so with determination and hard work, she could still shine, what about Keitta? As so far none of the Big Brother contestants in the past has become a huge star after being evicted from the game.

Big Brother fans angry at Keitta’s exit, calls the show’s credibility to question