” I Would Nominate All Of Them”-Lady May!

Doesn’t she like them, or there is something else?
It looks like Lady May is one Stargamer who can pretend that everything is fine yet its not. From her nomination session early this morning, we got to realise that the Namibian is one person who can smile at you yet she has a beef on you.
When asked two fellow Housemates she would like to nominate for this week’s possible eviction, Lady May mentioned Jannette and  Wati but went ahead and said that had she been given a chance to nominate all of them she would have done so.
The Namibian songstress explained how pissed she was by all her fellow Housemates for  centering her in their gossip.

A few days back, all Housemates led by Keitta (Now evicted) dished a lengthy gossip about Lady May’s characters which they called “Weird”. Ill talking about her for all that time little did they know that she was just on the door listening to everything .
It  was today that Lady May expressed that this act hurt her but she had to pretend that she was fine. It was from here that she said ” Biggie I’m sick and tired of these Housemates and if I was asked to nominate all of them, I would do that now.”
Unfortunately she is entitled to only two  choices as the other Housemates and so did she have to follow that.
Lady May is known for living her life the way she wants it without questioning her because she is answerable to no one.
Will she reveal her  anger to her fellow Housemates or she will swallow it?


  1. of course she is upset, what do you expect. Big Brother needs to stop this biased reporting


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