StarGame Countdown: 5 Days To Go!

It’s the final week of the StarGame and evidently, from yesterday’s happenings in the house, housemates are taking every moment as it comes without crossing their lines.
Obviously, everyone would want to live the final StarGame days harmoniously and that’s exactly what housemates are doing. With the ‘Secret Task’ given to them yesterday, there’s some sense of unity among housemates as they try to mimic others.
It’s been 86 long days so far and it has not been easy for these StarGamers, however, they are still counting as the game comes to a spectacular climax in five days time.
All the six finalists including Kyle, Keagan, WatiP, Talia, Lady May and the Masai warrior are very strong contenders thus it won’t be a surprise if any of them walked home with the money on Sunday.
Well, well, who’s your ultimate winner on day 91?


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