Alcohol To Take Away Jannette’s Eviction Worry.

Having not faced the chopping block for the past ten weeks, Jannette never knew how it feels like to wait for the evictions while your name is on the Eviction list . This week   it looks like her  Nomination Holiday is  over as her fellow Housemates put her up for possble eviction.
While in the Diary Room this afternoon, the Ugandan revealed lass  that she is worried and scared of the eviction due to the fact that she has never faced it before.
She also added that being the fact that she is going to battle with big  people ;Prezzo, Lady May and probably Keagan (as she thinks), it makes her worried more.

She said Keagan because little does she know that it is Kyle that Wati swapped with himself this week. However, she said that she will continue praying to the God she believes in so that she survives the eviction.
Talking about the worry, Jannette thanked the great Biggie who supplies alcohol to them everyday.  She said that after taking just two shots of alcohol she will turn into another person whom she surely believes that doesn’t worry about anything.
Alcohol does not provide solutions to the problems neither does  milk “………….Basing on this statement, what advice do you have for our little princess


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