News: Prezzo’s Bed Comforts Jannette

After her name was announced on this week’s chopping block, Jannette was struck by the Eviction fever and the whole House looked murky for her.
Being her first time to face evictions, the Ugandan lass became worried and lost all the happiness she had and all the words that she was hearing were bitter in her ears.
As she  tried to recover from the shock of being put up for possible Eviction for the first time in the StarGame at this late stage of the game, she finally  found solace in Prezzo’s bed.

The two had first bounded together earlier on when Jannette was in her sorrow and Prezzo was there to encourage her, The bond went further up to the bedroom where the two continued sharing some moments together.
Jannette first got  off the bed, went on her knees  and said prayers for the Kenyan   after which she had to pray for herself too so that she survives this battle. She then went back to the bed and the two laid side by side as  Prezzo continued giving her some encouraging words.
”  I think you are damn good and I am not just saying that,”Prezzo tenderly mouthed to Jannette. Jannette looked comforted by Prezzo’s words and she enjoyed the company he gave her in a sad moment.
It looks like Jannette found some peace in the rapper right from her day one in Upville as the two dished some good talk. The followed moments were the two becoming very close up to the present day.
Could the two be starting up a strong friendship?


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