Spy Keitta Confesion; I Didn’t Know Eazzy Too Well

So apparently GhanaCelebrities.Com was right for saying that Eazzy was being used to hype up Keitta. Well this particular statement raised a whole lot of issues to those who care and those involved which actually went down to ‘we-are-not-cool’ situation between Eazzy and Reggie. If I was them, I would have waited till Keitta had won first before anything.
Well whether she was used or not, no one came home with the prize and life must go on. At least Eazzy was/is a musician so with determination and hard work, she could still shine, what about Keitta? As so far none of the Big Brother contestants in the past has become a huge star after being evicted from the game.

The Ghanaian press is surely set to bite into Keitta’s awkward confession live on Big Brother Stargame that he didn’t know his girlfriend, Mildred well enough before going into the Big Brother House. Already there have been speculations that the couple were not really dating but had to come together as a couple for the Big Brother reality TV show.
When Keitta was asked what he meant when he said if he had to do this again, he wouldn’t bring his girlfriend he replied; “I would bring someone I know 100


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