Goldie Plans an Album On BBA Experience

Lagos — Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey (Goldie), evicted Nigerian representative in the big Brother Star Games has said her lesson from the house will form the major theme of her next album having put her music career on hold to participate in the reality contest.
The Ekiti state born pop singer who said she has leant a lot about other countries in Africa and their culture as well about herself disclosed that she was proud to have the privilege of representing Nigeria in the contest
which has also been won mostly by contestants from the country since the commencement of the contest.
Speaking to reporters in Lagos on her experience in the BBA house, Goldie, disclosed that she portrayed the generosity, discipline and hardwork of a true Nigerian during the over 70 days she spent before the 50 live cameras surrounding the contestants.
“I am going to continue to do my music, I left a lot of things to go to that house. I am going to go continue on my tour, go to the studious and hopefully record an album about my experiences in Big Brother Africa and what I’ve learnt. I want it to be collaboration with other Africa artistes, I’ve met a lot of people, which I believe will help add value to our performance and true meaning of what we hope to bring out.
Asked why she let her emotion get the better part of her thus allowing Kenya-born house mate Prezzo take advantage of it, she said “I am an extremely emotional person and Prezzo was someone I had come to care for. I didn’t go to the house with any strategy on how to scheme people out of such event, I went in there as an individual.”


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