Task: Show of Hands

The first task assigned to Downville was to determine who next week’s Head of House will be. The Housemates had to perform the task outside the house, in the ‘arena.’ Because they are not allowed to see anything outside of the house, the group was blind-folded and escorted to a minibus that transported them to the venue.

The Housemates were given a maths sum. They were required to run and jump on the correct answer, which was painted on the ground. However, the task wasn’t as easy as it sounded. The team was instructed to wear giant suits that resembled a giant hand, which made it harder for them to run. The Housemates were split into two groups of 14, with one group going after the other. The groups needed to line-up on the start-line and wait for the signal to proceed. As if their outfits weren’t uncomfortable enough, the team couldn’t just run and stand on the answer- they had to run and dive on the number, resulting in a human pile-up. The 6 fastest people had to face off in a head-to-head final, in which one winner would be selected.
Hilda was the final winner, and next week’s new Head of House.


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