Upville Housemates Want a Black Spot for Bonking

Its day three but things are firing up in the Downville house with housemates working very hard to avoid Big Brother cameras. As you may all know, when it comes to Big Brother, there is no place to hide.
The housemates are not sleeping as they are planning on how to avoid the big brother cameras and the watchful eye of Big Brother. The Upville’s feel they need a safe spot in the bedroom where they can tear themselves into pieces.

Among others, they want to come up with a spot covered with sheets that the cameras cannot track so they explore their bodies with ease. Names like ‘Shagging spot’, ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Dark Spot’. This will certainly not be entertained by Big brother.
The latest plan by the Upville housemates does not surprise now that four are already up for possible eviction making them stay in the house for just a week. Hilda, Julio, Maneta and Teclar are up for eviction and if Big Brother’s twist is anything to go by, this coming Sunday, we could have at least two housemates leaving the house.


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