News: Barbz & Prezzo Make Peace!

Could it be that Barbz and Prezzo have buried the hatchet or are they just being civil?
Since the beginning of the week, Prezzo and Barbz haven’t been seeing eye to eye especially after he started calling her names. Prezzo has been telling anyone who cares to listen about how ‘fake’ Barbz is and how she just wants the Upville girls to worship her.
However, it seems as though the two have realized that for the sake of peace, they will have to get along.

In the evening, Prezzo was seen helping Barbz with the condiments for the surprise barbecue that Biggie threw for them.
Prezzo and Barbz followed each other from the House to the garden and back and he even went to the extent of chilling in the kitchen while she marinated the meat. Barbz also fired a joke or two about Prezzo having a wife in the House and he politely reminded her that his wife was in Kenya with a smile.


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