News: Edith Needs Sex and Cigarettes!

One of Botswana’s Big Brother rep Edith, seems to be lacking some of her ‘basic needs. ‘ Recently she was heard saying that she is Sex Starve.
Besides Sex, Edith is ever complaining to Biggie for not giving her cigarettes. Edith looks so serious and sounded bitter about the issue and if not put into consideration she will have to do something. Edith was spitting out fire while saying that she was lacking cigarettes yet smoking is her favorite. She added that her body was used to relaxing with cigarettes.

Edith looked so serious on this matter.
Do you think that Biggie will consider her seriousness and give her the cigarettes  to save her life?
What is so special about cigarettes because the Downvillers recently hid in the bathrooms and enjoyed their cigars.


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