Watch out for Zambia, predicts Luclay…

THE Big Brother House is not a place you would want to be for 91 days if you are pretentious because it weighs you out and only takes the maximum of 21 days before true colours start to come out.
These are the words of the former Big Brother South African contestant Luclay who feels the Star Game contestants have come with a lot of excitement in the house without thinking what challenges lie ahead of them.

In an exclusive interview in Johannesburg on Tuesday afternoon, Big Brother Amplified season 6 runner-up told
Times he is wondering how the house-mates, especially in the Downville House would sustain their excitement for the next 87 days.
He says housemates in the Downville House are trying too hard to create a quick impression to the viewers without realising that at some point, time comes when one would just strongly feel like giving up.
Asked about how he feels about the Zambian contestant in the Upville House Mampi, Luclay would only say; “People must look out for your sister, I mean Mampi because she is playing the game with a steady mind so far.”
Luclay says Mampi likes doing her own things and seems to be a person who is not easily taken by a common wind.
On the South African contestant in the Upville, Luclay surprisingly feels the South African modelling luminary will soon be shown the exit door because she is not leaving the life she is known for in South Africa.
“I am telling you the truth, this girl (South African contestant), the way I personally know her, she will not go far, same with lady May, but watch out for Mampi I repeat, and the Kenyan dude, I think these two are taking the game seriously,” he feels.
The vertically challenged Luclay also commented on the Nigeria’s duo of Ola and Chris saying the two boys are using their huge bodies to somewhat intimidate others and want to be seen to be on top of things.
“If I was in that house, I would have silenced those two guys,” wishes Luclay.
Anyway, only time will tell if what Luclay feels about some housemate in both the Upville and Downville houses.
Barely a day after Lucylay’s observation, Angola has chickened out of the race after one of the contestants Esperanca asked Big Brother for a voluntary exit.
Biggei granted her the voluntary exit but had to come with a price of exiting with her partner.
The emotional Esperanca tried to convince Biggie that her personal problems back home did not affect her partner and that it would only be fair if he was left to play the game while she goes.
But Big Brother stood his grounds saying the game is played in pairs and both of them have to unfortunately leave the house.
Away from Luclay’s opinion and Angola, Big Brother shocked the Upville House with a queer and rather late task.
It was romantic but the time was of great concern to the housemates who were already complaining of the cold.
Big Brother asked the housemates around 22:30 hours when the weather was somewhat chilly, to change into swim wear and get in to the Jacuzzi to have a bath fun.
Most housemates could be seen with faces downcast and trying to create an excuse for not doing it.
First it was the water temperature in the Jacuzzi but unfortunately Big Brother was ahead of them because the water was nicely warm.
Then came the issue of time, the housemates tried to ring a bell for biggie to tell him that it was rather late for the assignment but unfortunately, it’s never too early or too late for big Brother’s tasks.
Even when the international media was in the house for one day and one night, Big Brother called late to give the media mates a task when most of them had already retired to bed.
So the Upville housemates had no excuse of not taking Big Brother’s task. They just had to do it around midnight.
Big Brother gave four tablets of soap to the Upville housemates for the bath and the instructions said, housemates should rub the soap on each other until they find a coin inside the soap.
There was debate as to whether the task was for the night or anytime during the day but Biggie made it clear that it would not be done later than that particular time.
The issue of choosing a bath partner then came up as guys declined to rub the soap on fellow guys suggesting that it was an act of homosexuality and that the number seven would leave one without a partner.
At first, Zambia’s Mampi was cool to partner with a fellow lady, May but later May went for the dreadlocked Zimbabwean dude Roki leaving Mampi without a partner.
Pairs were made and action began in the Jacuzzi, with the queen diva left out as a spectator of the romantic bath.
That night’s task was won by Lady May and her partner Roki from Zimbabwe who were the very first to find a coin in the soap.


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