News: Roki In Maneta’s Bed!

What seemed to be one of the impossibilities in the  Big Brother House became possible! No one for whatever reason has ever thought of Roki and Maneta to have a soft talk especially after when Roki nominated Maneta for eviction and  moreover in Maneta’s Bed! The two Zimbabweans were shockingly seen together in the same bed talking about their matters in a Zimbabwe way.
This sounds  weird but the truth is that it happened. They had a nice talk and a few moments later Roki wanted to start kissing Maneta but she refused.Was Roki’s intetion making love to Maneta? or Conveying his apology to her?

What if Maneta agrees now to go by Roki‘s request of loving him, is it possible or its too late as Maneta is likely to be evicted tomorrow?
But I think that if Maneta is to accept, it is very okay even when she is evicted, they can still meet in Zimbabwe their Homeland.


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