BBA: Mixed feelings over Maneta

One of Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother Stargame competition, Maneta Mazanhi is alert, very sweet, outspoken, but what is she really on about? She had better ease up already! That is the general feeling in the Upville house following Maneta’s grand entrance during the first live eviction show held on Sunday evening.
Prezzo (Kenya) told Big Brother during his diary session that Maneta’s presence had brought Barbz (South Africa) back down to earth. When Maneta entered the Upville house, Barbz gave her a plastic smile and seemed intimidated by her.

Prezzo added that Goldie (Nigeria) was a bit worried about competition from Maneta and she quickly marked her territory.
“Goldie was insecure when Maneta came in, but now she’s comfortable, but the other girls are just trying to keep up,” explained Prezzo.
Lady May (Namibia) said she was excited to get to know Maneta better even though she had sold them the sweet, outspoken pretty girl image.
Roki seemed to be the most excited to have Maneta in Upville. He took the opportunity to thank Big Brother and Africa for her presence. He also told Biggie that he knew Maneta from Zimbabwe and that she had been very good company since she entered the Upville house.
However, Roki added that he wanted Maneta to “remove her mask” and be more real.
“Not something you read in the book,” he insisted.
Mampi (Zambia) takes Maneta as her new friend, but feels other girls are intimidated by her. She said she could see herself in Maneta, which was why she clicked with Maneta.
Maneta, though, told Big Brother she was actually bored to death in her new abode. When she was still in the Downville house, she promised fellow housemates that if she was to be relocated to the Upville house, she was going to shake things up in that house. She seems to be succeeding because Barbz and Goldie who had relaxed, are now stepping up their game.


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