“I’m Sorry To Those I Offended”-Prezzo

During his task presentation this evening, Prezzo bowed down his head and apologised to Africa  for all the mistakes he might have done while in the Big Brother House.
“During my stay in the House, I  have learnt to live with many people and I’m here to say Sorry  to all those I offended in any waybecause I ain’t perfect too,” Prezzo apologised to Africa.
Considering all what they (Housemates) have gone through, Prezzo was grateful to say that “Everybody deserves to win the Money ” because all of them have gone through the same hardships.
Prezzo added that living in the Big Brother House might seem easy to any outsider but if one gets  a chance to join the life in the House, they will see how hard it is.
No one is perfect and anyone offended by Prezzo, he asked for  forgiveness…….We hope Goldie heard this speech.


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