Half Naked Keagan In Talia’s Arms!

It seems love has no boundaries and can conquer anything. Who ever imagined that bad boy Keagan would shed a tear over a kiss? Well, he just did just like a baby in need of breast milk.
In the wee hours of the morning, the half naked lad approached Talia in her bed and begged for a kiss but the Zambian lass did not oblige which resulted to the South African lad sobbing quietly. Well, it seems his strategy of crying worked like a charm because Talia was touched by his tears thus she gave him a peck and
gently caressed his face before the two got cosy in bed.
It was quite a rare situation because Keagan is one lad who will not shed a tear for anything. The only time he got emotional was when Homeville messages were conveyed to the housemates a few weeks back. Perhaps Talia means a lot to him because shedding a tear for someone could have an emotional attachment.
Well, the two spent the rest of the morning together in bed and they couldn’t stop whispering and looking into each others eyes.
We are just wondering what could happen with Seydou if at all Talia and Keagan mean business anyway!
Do you think Talia and Keagan are serious about their ‘affair’?


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