Kyle Is Also Evicted

After making it   to the finals of the Big Brother Stargame, the second Housemate to be booted out of the Big Brother House  after Wati is  Kyle.
This implies that he has left the battle for the US$300,000 and its now left among four Housemates ; Lady May, Prezzo, Keagan and Talia.
Kyle looked  a bit shocked  because after  surviving evictions many times he never expected Africa to abandon him at the last hour.He was given ten seconds to leave the House and so did.
His eviction without the money has broken his dream of sharing it with his former partner Jannette who has been eagerly waiting right from the ‘ former Housemates’ corner’ from the Audience.
Though evicted, we  believe that he was grateful for having reached the finals and we hope that his country Uganda shouold be happy for him.


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