Breaking News: Epic Breakdown!

The latest Housemate to breakdown in a heap of tears is Vina, who was inconsolable after her pendant broke into pieces.

Vina became the fourth Housemate to cry in less than 24 hours after Luclay accidentally bumped into her, resulting in her breaking her pendant. Vina – who was walking to the shower with Hanni at the time – sobbed uncontrollably when her pendant broke into pieces on the floor. Luclay quickly ran to her side and apologised for what had just happened and told Vina “we’ll find glue and fix it.” Vina said it wouldn’t be the same and bawled. Hanni and Luclay hugged her and tried to calm her down to no avail. Luclay then told Vina “The chain is in pieces and not you. We’ll fix it.”

Once Vina had calmed down and headed upstairs to the bedroom, Luclay cried as he told Wendall how the pendant broke by accident.


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