Does School Prepare Anyone for the Real World?

I’ve mentioned already the value of continuous learning throughout our lives. Thanks to the prevalent teaching methods though, most people have negative associations to the idea of “learning”.

Current educational systems teach you to be an employee, a worker drone in the collective.  
“Shut up! Do as you are told! Don’t take the initiative, wait for instructions. Don’t talk to your neighbour! Don’t make any mistakes, or you are wrong, wrong, wrong!” 

Growing up, we were taught and conditioned to go to school and get a good job for a large company.

Telling our children to “Go to school, get good grades, and look for a safe, secure job”  is some of the most dangerous advice we could give them. 
Most people who follow that pattern get into a position of dependency. 
We live in a system of dependence. We are conditioned to go to school and get a job, and the banks teach us to get into debt: home, car, credit cards…  
We are then locked into a lifetime commitment, locked into the system. 
Most people are trapped in the Rat Race for the rest of their lives! 
They work for their employers, for the government by paying taxes, and for the bank by paying off a mortgage and credit cards. 
We are not taught to think for ourselves, we are taught to depend on others. Most of us don’t have the time or resources to challenge this system, because we are locked into it! We get caught up!

I am extremely concerned by the lack of financial education our our youth receive in school. 

They have never had a course on wealth, investing, accounting, taxes, business success, how compounding works, the perils of consumer debt, etc… 

Most people have bet their entire retirement on the stockmarket – but our educational system has taught us NOTHING about being successful investors! 
Getting a good education and making good grades no longer ensures success. People are working harder and harder, only to pay more taxes and end up in debt. There is no “job security” anymore – you need financial security. 
How many millions of people are out there in the real world struggling financially? The world has changed, but our educational system has not changed with it.

Don't worry folks, on this page we shall teach you all that it takes to be successful and create wealth.

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