Feature: Pranks and Revenge

Vina was not a tad impressed with Karen’s actions in telling Housemates that Tuesday, 26 July, was her birthday. According to Vina, Karen’s actions crossed the line, as it amounted to lying and not just joking.

While still discussing Karen’s actions, Vina told Hanni she would not take Karen’s antics lying down and that she would seek revenge.

Throughout the whole of Wednesday, Vina had been thinking of pranks to play on Karen; first telling Hanni that she was married to a prominent business leader, but kept it secret for security reasons. Hanni believed Vina, which gave Vina confidence she could carry out a convincing prank on Karen.

Upon entering the Chat Room, Hanni and Vina told Big Brother what the plan of action would be in getting even with Karen. Vina would wait for Karen to say or do something to agitate Vina or any fellow Housemate then Vina would pack her bags and fake a voluntary exit, leaving Karen with the guilt of having caused an exit of a Housemate that had two in seven chances of winning the ultimate prize.


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