Feature: Split Personalities

Vimbai hasn’t been herself since the beginning of Tuesday. Her alter ego, a village woman by the name of Ambivalence, has taken over her role in the House as Vimbai took her imaginary pet dog, Prada, to a vet to seek medical attention.

Since Tuesday morning, Vimbai refused to sit on the couch or any form of modern chair, but sat on the floor, because she says her culture forbids her from occupying a seat in the presence of males.

Vina entertained Ambivalence in the morning, but was getting a bit irritated by the time the Task was delivered. Housemates are to run Radio and TV stations called Big Brother Amplified Radio and Amped TV respectively.

Throughout her Chat Room, Vimbai was still her rural self to the amusement of Big Brother. She sat on the floor, still, in the Chat Room and referred to herself in third person as she played Ambivalence.

As the game reaches the business end, Housemates are doing all they could to cope with stress associated with the game. Karen has broken down a few times, while Kim has been rumoured by fellow Housemates to be taking more than her fair share of liquor to stay sane. Luclay’s smoking habit is already stuff of legend. Could Vimbai’s alter ego be her way of escaping harsh realities in the House?

This Tuesday, Amplified fans can send shout outs to the Housemates on Twitter. The best tweets will be read live on air on Wednesday and if your tweet gets read out, then you stand the chance to be put in a random draw to win an awesome prize. Best you get going – send your best tweet to @bigbroafrica, make sure you include the hashtags #BBAmplified AND #198FM and you could pick up some amazing Samsung gear.


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