News: Exit Hair

Housemates had their hair done on Sunday morning in preparation for the Finale. They seemed eager to look slick for the lights and camera that will bring them to the continental centre stage at 19:00 CAT, on DStv Channel 198 and the Big Brother website.

Seven Housemates remain and two of them will be crowned co-winners of the Amplified season of Big Brother Africa; certainly they will want to ascend the proverbial podium in style.

Of the Housemates, Lomwe was the most adventurous and had his hair dyed blonde. Hanni was very conservative and tied hers to the back with hair piece to give it more volume. Vina kept her Mohawk and Wendall waited his turn patiently on the couch.

It was unclear what Karen, Luclay and Sharon O would do with their hair at the time of publishing. Stay tuned to the Big Brother website and DStv Channel 198 to see how all their hairstyles pan out.


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