Chat Room: I Will Share the Money

Housemates told Big Brother what they would do with the money, if they were to come out triumphant on the 31st of July.

Karen said if she won the money she would “make sure Bernadina and Mumba are sorted”, before sharing the remaining half with a charity organisation dedicated to the disease that her father succumbed to. She said she hasn’t shared her plans with the Housemates because she knew none of them would believe her.

Karen went to talk about her experience in the House and how no amount of money can replace the love she received from total strangers; the love she was deprived of by her own family. She said she would not stab anyone in the back just to win the money, as she would consider it blood money, and went on to plead with the voting public to vote for the Housemate with the purest heart.

With her money, Kim said she would help her parents start a school they have always dreamt of since they retired. With the remainder of the money, she said she would start House of Kim range of beauty products.

When asked who she would like to face in the Final Week, Millicent told Big Brother she would rather compete for the ultimate prize with the strongest possible Housemates, because “the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”.

Vina justified her decision to save her country mate, Karen, and replace her with Lomwe by saying she knows the Malawian would take it in his strides and the voting public will save him and ensure he goes to the Final week for a shot at USD200 000.

Vimbai could not make it into the Chat Room as she had to take her imaginary friend, Prada, to a vet to receive medical attention. Her alter ego, Ambivalence, attended the Chat session on Vimbai’s behalf and spoke about her in third person. Ambivalence sat on the floor as a sign of respect to Big Brother and said she knew Vimbai would spend the money on clothes and maybe start a business.

To conclude their Chat sessions, Housemates had to tell Big Brother who they thought the biggest cry baby in the House was. Almost all Housemates agreed that Kim easily shed tears, even for reasons they did not comprehend.

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