Chat Room: Money and Happiness

Three questions were prominent during Wednesday Chat sessions; what is more important between money and happiness, if Housemates’ behaviour had changed in the final week and what each of their chances were for taking the money home.

On the question of money and happiness, Wendall said it was important to keep balance and that he felt it is possible to have both money and happiness. He went on to say his family and friends are some of the things in life that make him happy. When quizzed about his chances of winning the money, he said it was impossible for anyone in the House to know what might happen on Sunday (31 July).

Sharon O said changing one’s behaviour at this late stage of the game would be detrimental. She said she had done all she could and is convinced she sold her personal brand quite effectively. She mentioned her son as one person that makes her happy. Before leaving the Chat Room, Sharon O spoke of a prank that Karen had played on the Housemates and said Vina and Hanni were plotting to take revenge.

Lomwe said money could not buy happiness, but it could make life easier. He elaborated by saying the only missing ingredient in his formula is money, as he is already doing music, which is his passion.

Luclay said getting things done within his means makes him very happy and also cuddling with his girlfriend and talking about absolutely nothing is one of his favourite things in life. He said he would not change who he has always been throughout the season, just because it is the final week in the House.

Karen said she had a ball pranking fellow Housemates, when she had them believe it was her birthday on Tuesday (26 July). She went to say she would take happiness any day over money, if it were an either or choice. Her reasons were that friends run away when money is gone.

Hanni vowed revenge on Karen for pranking Housemates by pretending it was her birthday on Tuesday. She and Vina were planning to shock Karen by staging a fake voluntary exit by Vina. With regard to money and happiness, she said money does not amount to happiness.

Vina took her portrait to the Chat Room and did her introduction as an alter ego, with her face behind the painting. She said Karen crossed a line by joking about having a birthday. According to Vina, one does not make jokes with birthdays, funerals, christenings and/or pregnancy. For Karen’s transgressions, Vina said when next Karen agitated her she would pack her bags and pretend to be making a voluntary exit, leaving the House as a result of Karen’s actions so Karen would feel guilty for her actions.


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