News: Karen Quits Booze

Karen told Sharon O she has decided to quit the bottle, after her dramatic performance after the fours course dinner at the Arena.

A sombre looking Karen cornered Sharon O in the bedroom this morning and expressed her regret at being difficult when their ‘Dinner at the Arena’ ended. Karen refused to leave and caused a scene, after spending close to an hour sitting alone at the bar, downing potent blue cocktails. Karen told Sharon O she realises her personality is crazy and alcohol has a negative effect on her. 

She told Sharon O she has decided to stop drinking. “I need to express myself with no alcohol involved,” Karen said. Sharon O was supportive and told Karen “I hope you have learnt your lesson. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, but you need to learn how to control your drinking,” Sharon O said.

Sharon O told her Karen jumping onstage was entertaining and the only thing her mother would be embarrassed about is her refusal to leave the Arena, despite being dragged out.
We wonder if Karen won’t be tempted to indulge during the final party tonight! Hmmm…


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