Thank You Fans! But What Next?

Big Brother will like to thank you for being our fan since 1st May, 2011 that we began this season of Big Brother Amplified. We enjoyed your fellowship, love and contributions. You were all great and we were happy for that.

We also want to say that without you we cannot have been this successful. Our success is tied to you and we are grateful. We wish there are other ways we can thank you individually.

By 31st July, 2011, this season will be over, our questions are: What happens to our relationship? Should we allow it to die or hibernate till 2012? Or we should just close this Facebook Fan Page?

We want to continue on this relationship on this fan page till the next season. But the final decision is with you our fans.

What should we do with this fan page? Please, tell us.

We will be most grateful


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